Child Counseling

“Children will listen to you after they feel listened to”

Play Therapy


Whether you’re raising an energetic daughter or you’re dealing with a strong-willed son, there are certain child behaviors that are challenging for you to handle. For example, lying, impulsive, aggressive, withdraw, temper tantrums and the list goes on. When these behaviours interfere with school, impact his/her social life, or your parenting strategies aren’t working, you may need professional counselor’s help to assist your child.

Play therapy helps children to experience and express emotions because play is the language for children. By making meaningful connection with the children through play, they learn to be more responsible for their behaviours and we can develop more successful strategies and creative solutions to problems.

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Common Reasons for Child Counseling

Communication Issues

Having difficulties in expressing or regulating emotions.

Aggressive Behaviors

Having signs of bullying or getting physical.

Sign of Stress or Anxiety

Showing early warning of anxiety such as nervous breakdown.

Isolating from Friends

Running away from the crowd or having problem making new friends

Low Self-Esteem

Low confidence – words like “I can’t” appears often in a conversation.

Focus Problem

Easily distracted by many things. Having difficulties in completing a task.

How It Works


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What People Are Saying

“Hany has helped me to help myself. She helped me to recognise my innate resources and strength and stop sadness from spiralling downward.”

Anonymous Client

Student, Age 19

“Hany is a child’s whisperer. She managed to connect with my child and communicate her needs to me so that I can help my child effectively. She has taught me valuable and practical parenting skills. I am grateful to have her assistance.”
Anonymous Parent

Child, Age 9

“I develop a new sense of self awareness after seeing Hany. She is real, insightful, and patient. I would like to thank her for helping me to restore clarity in life”
Anonymous Client

Adult, Age 40

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the counseling service for my child?

You need to schedule the first session i.e. intake assessment. It usually takes about 1-2 hour for me to understand the background of the child and discuss the treatment with you. This session only requires you to attend without the child’s presence. It is advisable for both mummy and daddy to attend this session.

How much do you charge for the session?

I charge a standard fee of RM350 an hour. This applies to the session with parents and same goes to the session with child.

Can I discuss about my child with you through phone/Whatsapp/Skype?

Yes, you may do that. The chargeable fees are same as above.

How long does my child need to see you?

The length of therapy is depending on individual or case by case basis.

Can I know what did you do with the child in the session?

I will send a brief report of each session to your email to keep you posted on the progress of the child. However, the content of your child’s sessions must be confidential in order to enable your child to confide in his or her counselor and for therapy to be effective.

Professional Licensed Counselor

Hany Cheng is a professional licensed counselor based in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Hany Cheng has accumulated more than 10 years experience as a mental health counselor by providing exceptional and result driven counseling services to her clients.


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