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30 Days Step-By-Step E-Book:
Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Stress And Live A Joyful Life.

Can I overcome Anxiety or Depression without relying on drugs?

The answer is Yes.

After 10 years of working with more than hundreds of clients, I am planning to come out a 30-Days Step-By-Step E-Book on overcoming negative emotions. 

What’s in this E-Book:

Understand & identify different types of negative emotions

Simple techniques & tools to manage your negative emotions

Alternative to medications to improve your mental health

30-days planned out activities to guide you through your healing journey

Recover self-esteem and regain control over your life

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Professional Licensed Counselor

Hany Cheng is a professional licensed counselor based in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Hany Cheng has accumulated more than 10 years experience as a mental health counselor by providing exceptional and result driven counseling services to her clients.


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